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EBS was created by experts with years of experience in the business.


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We're serious about top talent, and passionate about great people.

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Quality talent is hard to find, but quality people are not in short supply. How do you bridge the gap? With a solution like the EBS engine. We help businesses across many industries and scale them by empowering recruiters and helping them place incredible people in roles where they can excel. 

Sales Reps

If you’re in need of talent, we can help. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies across the country, and placed even more high quality candidates. We believe in people, first, and will work closely with your team to provide candidates that match exactly what you need.


Every great recruiter has a few tricks up their sleeve to land the kind of talent great brands want. We are experienced in recruiting engineers across the USA and the globe.

Operations and C-Suite

EBS specializes in higher level critical roles within your organization. 

Need better candidates? We’ve got you covered.

Our comprehensive solution platform connects our top recruiters with business partners that need the next level of expertise in their recruitment process. If you’re in need of better talent and have less time to get it, we’re the team for you.

Why Choose Us?

EBS has been a trusted source for top tier candidates across multiple industries for years. We’re committed to people first, and the results always follow. We created one of America’s leading recruiting models and continue to nurture it to success each year.


We take the time to understand client needs.


Helping businesses scale is our strong suit.


We connect recruiters with candidates who can help one another excel.


We put people first, no matter what.


We take the hassle out of recruiting.


We're committed to pairing great people with great businesses.


We exist to bridge the gap between incredible people and incredible companies. Through our tools and resources people and companies can fit like never before.


We envision industries that employ happy workers, and workers that feel truly supported by the men and women that lead them.


We’re people first– no matter what. We’re committed to making more people smile– both as employers and employees.

Quick and Efficient

“Overall the process flowed very smoothly and efficiently. The response time, in terms of follow up, was prompt and it was very user friendly. My favorite part of the service, from my perspective as the hiring manager, was the quality of the candidates that we had to choose from was very good. The pre-qualification service was good as well. I felt like we were focused on candidates that were qualified and had the requisite experience and tools that we were looking for.We didn’t have to spend a lot of time sorting through several candidates to find people that were qualified. I think the pre-qualification work that’s done upfront by EBS is very good and helpful— it’s a time saver. It just makes the whole recruiting and hiring process flow very quickly and efficiently. As a hiring manager, it saves you time in terms of identifying and sorting through the best quality candidates for the position.”

-Mike Blackburn, Director of Sales

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is EBS good for me?

EBS is the perfect solution for the company who wants a quality employee, but doesn’t have the time to review candidates (or struggles to find one that fits their needs!)


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