TalentLink Alliance

Introducing a niche recruitment offering; the TalentLink Alliance. A program meticulously designed for sales trainers and strategy consultants. This cutting-edge initiative is poised to increase value to clients by unleashing the full potential of a turn-key recruitment solution. 

Offering a Tailored Solution  to Fit Your Needs…

Let Us Go Over the Facts:

  • The Problem: Your clients have pressing recruitment needs but lack the time and resources to fill critical roles. You know the market as the subject matter expert but don’t have the time nor resources to find candidates.
  • The Solution: TalentLink Alliance. Solve your clients’ talent acquisition needs and supercharge your business by utilizing our tailored turn-key solution, and boosting revenue to your bottom line. We handle the heavy lifting while you reap the benefits.

Let Us Build a Partnership:

Who are you?

  • Subject Matter Expert in your space.

  • Connected to industry decision makers.

  • Want to increase your revenue potential and impact to your clients.

Who are we?

  • Turn-Key USA based Recruitment Solution.

  • Talent Acquisition professionals with proven historical track record.

  • Well versed in placing various positions from sales representatives to C-Suite level executives across numerous industries.

Let Us Discuss it Together:

  • We can establish a line of communication using the contact form below.

  • Soon after filling out the information, a member of our team will reach out to you.

“Overall the process flowed very smoothly and efficiently. The response time, in terms of follow up, was prompt and it was very user friendly. My favorite part of the service, from my perspective as the hiring manager, was the quality of the candidates that we had to choose from was very good. The pre-qualification service was good as well. I felt like we were focused on candidates that were qualified and had the requisite experience and tools that we were looking for…”


-Mike Blackburn, Director of Sales

Mike Cioffi


Mike Cioffi, the visionary founder of EBS, who launched the company in 2015. With a background as a sales executive and operations professional in his niche industry, Mike recognized the value of subject matter experts in recruitment. Leveraging his expertise, he swiftly built a seven-figure recruitment agency, earning a reputation as a top recruitment expert in the field. Today, Mike continues to innovate, launching a joint venture program with other sales trainers to deploy the highly successful EBS Recruitment Solution across various verticals.

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